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COME TOGETHER: GIVI Asia Get-Together with Media

Wahid Ooi Abdullah February 28,2016

Remember GIVI Asia’s MotoGP 2015 Fluo contest?

GIVI Asia held a special get-together with the media on 19 February 2016 for the contest’s Grand Draw, besides presenting their new products and celebrating an auspicious Chinese New Year. It was also an occasion for GIVI Asia to engage the media directly about the former’s plans for 2016 and beyond.

The event was held at the snazzy GIVI Point concept shop, Jalan Ipoh.

Mr. On Hai Swee, the Managing Director of GIVI Asia and Mr. Joseph Perucca, the Overseas Operational Director of GIVI Group were present to greet the media and launch the products.


The new E43 Mulebox top box was then unveiled. As the name implies, the box has a capacity of 43 litres and can accommodate 2 fullface helmets. More of this exciting product in the GIVI Special Section.


GIVI has products for all types of motorcycles, regardless of size. The BN360 Monolock Top Case was unveiled for the smaller-cc segment. It’s available in two versions: BN360N with red reflectors and BN360NT with smoked reflectors.


Mr. Andrea Lunedei, Product Manager, Head of Design Department and Cik Rozaida Ahmad Zaki, Designer briefed the media on the technical aspects of both cases.


Among the questions asked along the way, one was about why GIVI’s products cost more than their competitors’. Mr. Perucca answered, “GIVI spends large amounts of money in designing, R&D, testing, producing and the materials of the products. GIVI uses PP (polypropylene) mostly, instead of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and only GIVI uses a special agent for the cases to resist aging caused by (the sun’s) UV rays. When the products hit the market, some competitors adopted what GIVI had done. This saves them from a lot of costs.”

Mr. Perucca then briefed the media about the 3 new Tanklock tank bags: XS307 (15 litres), ST602 (4 litres), and XS319 (1 litre). They utilize GIVI’s proprietary Tanklock system, which mounts directly to the motorcycle’s fuel cap base. This ensures an optimally solid and stable mount. It’s also especially useful for motorcycles with non-metal fuel tanks. The locking system also allows easy removal of the bag. We’ve personally seen them being tested during the GIVI Wilderness Adventure Ride in South Africa, and they were tough! None came off even when riding (and crashing) during the offroad sections.


Next, GIVI Asia awarded a Modenas motorcycle for the Fluo contest. There two bikes, in fact, one for the lucky customer, while the other for a dealer. Both were custom painted in GIVI’s colours, although the customer’s was fully equipped with panniers and a top case. That top case was filled with entry forms and a media personnel picked the winner in random fashion. The winner was En. Ashaari Bin Abdul Ghafar.




Additionally, GIVI Asia showed their new helmets, including the Demi Jet M10.1 Aqcua range for those who ride cruisers/caf'e racers/customs/Vespas.


To bring a close to the occasion, GIVI Asia and everyone present headed to the nearby Dynasty Hotel for lunch.


Stories and pictures by Wahid Ooi Abdullah




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