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admin April 10,2015

Having experienced what a blast the RCs were, we sat down for a chat with En. MuhamadZamry, the General Manager (Marketing) for KTM-CKD.

Cycle World Malaysia (CWM): How many RCs of both models have you sold since their launch in Malaysia?
MuhamadZamry (MZ): We’ve delivered approximately 1,200 units thus far. The ratio is 60:40; the RC200 has sold more.

CWM: Any rider programs in terms of safety riding coming up?
MZ: Yes, we do have those programs coming up. The programs are not limited to the RC owners, but for owners of all KTM-CKD models.

We are also planning for trackdays, with at least four rounds - to cover the Northern, Central and Southern regions.

CWM: One of the questions we asked the owners was what would they upgrade to. The majority hoped for an “RC690.”
MZ: We do not have plans for the RC690, but we do have plans for something of a middleweight dual-purpose, which serves a wider riding scope.

CWM: How about the Powerparts? Are they being actively marketed to the owners?
MZ: Yes, of course. We sell everything that you see in the catalog.

CWM: I see many RC owners tuning their bikes. Any plans to carry out tuning in the Lifestyle Centre?
MZ: KTM-CKD bikes are covered under a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, which covers KTM Powerparts. If the tuning was done with KTM Powerpart ECU or components, consideration can be extended in terms of warranty.



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